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U.S.-Russia Trade: Opportunities for U.S. Exporters

New Doors for U.S. Exporters 

Bilateral trade between the U.S. and Russia has increased sharply. From 2004-2006, U.S. exports to Russia grew almost 60% to US$4.7 billion, and exports surged another 50% in the first nine months of 2007. With 7% annual growth rates, Russian consumers are turning to imported goods in the expanding retail sector, and Russian firms are investing in foreign-made equipment.

U.S. Exports To Russia: Diversity

The Russian economy is diversifying and Russia now imports a wide variety of goods.

 U.S. aerospace firms exported more than US$370 million worth of aircraft to Russia in 2006, representing a growth of more than 260% over the previous year.

 Russia offers a market for U.S. almond growers – imports to Russia of U.S. almonds grew 15% by value over 2004-2006 and stood at almost US$30 million last year.

 Exports of parts for automatic data processing machines totaled US$127 million in 2006.

Russia Is the #1 Export Market for U.S. Poultry

 Russia imports 45% of its poultry, and 74% of these imports come from the U.S.

 Russia is the largest export market for U.S. poultry,  importing more than 745,000 metric tons of U.S. poultry in 2006 worth US$459 million.

Russia’s Emerging Middle Class - Growth Engine for U.S. Auto Sales

American cars are the best sellers in Russia.

 In 2006, Russia imported more than US$400 million worth of U.S. motor vehicles, representing a growth of close to 25% last year, both in volume and value terms.

 Russian imports of U.S. car parts and accessories rose more than 60% by value in 2006.

Russia Relies on Foreign Machinery to Help Extract Its Abundant Resources

Russia relies on foreign machinery to extract oil, gas, minerals and timber and bring them to market, and U.S. agricultural equipment is valued in Russia for its superior productivity.

 Russia imported over US$295 million worth of oil and gas field equipment (and parts) in 2006.

 U.S. exports to Russia of agricultural tractors rose more than 50% by value in 2006, and stood at US$73 million.

 Russia imported nearly 675,000 U.S.-made chainsaws in 2006, representing a growth of 240% over 2005 levels.     

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